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Quadron is a brand founded and developed by enthusiasts - people with extensive experience  in the industry of kitchen products, the heart of which is the sink.

We turn our best experience into solutions tailored to the client's needs and requirements. Every day we improve the process of providing services and we are proud that our inexhaustible energy allows us to offer our clients the most comfortable and innovative solutions. This passion, as well as reliability, is appreciated by our customers, which gives us the greatest satisfaction in our daily work.

In the construction of the product range, we are guided by concern for the satisfaction of the future user. We do not only focus on ergonomics and practical usability, but also value aesthetic appearance and unique design. Our goal is to provide a product of the highest quality, while at the same time beautiful and practical. Quadron products are manufactured in our production facilities in Poland and abroad, or especially for us - by friendly manufacturers. Regardless of the place of origin, we guarantee a consistently high product standard. Honoring our Quadron Bill 120 sink and Gemma kitchen faucet with the international Red Dot Design Award proves the innovation of our design and the refined quality of every detail.

The Red Dot Design Award places us among the best companies in the industry.

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